How To Operate Your Children Indoor Playground in International Children's Day

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International Children's Day is coming, in this children get and get, parents give and give days, how operators of Children Indoor Playground to catch this good opportunity to increase their revenue? Then professional Children Indoor Playground Factory-DLight show you the following tips.


1. Children Indoor Playground Decoration

Before children's day, it is very important to adjust and rebuild the image in the Children Indoor Playground, such as hanging some small colored flags, these small elements can not only foil the atmosphere of the festival, but also transmit a kind of "the Children Indoor Playground has the activity" signal to the consumer.

2. Sharing Courtesy

When the children are playing the soft playground in your Children Indoor Playground, their parents can record the experience video and share the experience video to their wechat, whatsapp, facebook, google plus, twitter or others. The first 5 people to share can get a free lottery ticket or other reward to improve the activity of the experience.


3. Children's Day to Break Through

During the period of International Children's Day, all kinds of operators like to attract the audience with competition activities. The owner of Children Indoor Playground can also use the other attractive products such as interactive ar projectors, animal rides that are suitable for players to play together and fight with each others. Through this activity, we can enhance the popularity of Children Indoor Playground and attract more people to come to experience.


Children Indoor Playground runs well, it is not only to make children happy in the process of play, but also to let their parents feel relieved. We need to let our customers feel the good service and product added value of the Children Indoor Playground. Finally, a relatively stable and loyal user group is formed.